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Whole-Self Media Ministry
2013-8-13 Take Care of Your Temple

2013-8-20  Believe The Report Of The Lord!

2013-9-10  What If Today Were Your Last Day On Earth?

​2013-9-24  Be Remembered In The Book
​12/18/2012  The Shoulders On Which We Stand

​12/25/2012  Celebrating The Christ

1/1/2013  Our New Beginning

1/8/2013  Let Your Light So Shine

1/15/2013  Face Down Your Fears

1/22/2013  Run Into Your Calling

1/29/2013  Lord, What's The Kingdom Of Heaven Like?

2/5/2013  The Answer's On Its Way

2/12/2013  We All Must Forgive

2/19/2013  Love God, Love Self, Love Your Neighbor

2/26/2013  We Have The Spirit Of Power, Of Love And Of A Sound Mind

3/5/2013  All Kinds Of Miracles, Pt 1

3/12/2013  All Kinds Of Miracles, Pt 2​

3/19/2013  It's Better To Obey

​3/26/2013  No More Distractions!

4/2/2013  Shine With All Your Life!

4/9/2013  Your Promise Is Not Predicated On Your Past

5/7/2013  Live In The Overflow!

5/14/2013  For Such A Time As This

5/21/2013  When You've Done All You Can, Stand! (In Your Armor)

6/4/2013  How To Wear Your Armor, Pt 1

6/11/2013  How To Wear Your Armor, Pt 2

7/9/2013  Follow Your Dreams To Success

​7/23/2013 To Injustice, What Should Our Answer Be?

8-7-2013 The Character Of Stewardship

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