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The Whole-Self Ministries Courses
In the near future, we will add more classes to our curriculum.  Please come back and check our schedule from time to time to see what's new. 

​It's time-out for pretending we're Spiritual beings, but living in human limitation. It's time to learn just how powerful we really are and how to live in that power and wholeness all the time. It'll take a while, but we all can learn it.  

In this class we will talk about:
  • ​body-mind-spirit balance
  • our inner power
  • the creative power of our words/sound ​self-care
  • meditation/concentration/focus
  • the creative power of our words/sound
  • much, much more

We talk about being like Yeshua, but we mean being meek and maybe even weak. He was strong, courageous, powerful, and He used His knowledge to build a community of strong, courageous, powerful disciples, teachers, leaders, who passed on the Legacy. 

Join us in person if you're in our area. Call 833-239-4653 for the address.
Or join us online on:
  Facebook Live @WholeSelfMinistries  
  on YouTube. (use the link below)

Know Your Spiritual Gifts!
Do you wonder where you can best serve?
Are you unsure about where you fit in the Body of the Christ?
Take a Gifts Assessment and see!
Journey Into Wholeness
3rd Sunday of Each Month, 9 a.m. Central Time
Do you need an anger management evaluation for court or for an employer?  Do you need it to save your relationship?

Come to our class and get what you need.  Anger has its purposes, but we sometimes lose control.  If you need to get a better handle on your expression of anger, this is the class for you.
In this class you will learn to:
  • ​defuse your anger by managing stress
  • healthily manage conflict
  • effectively solve problems without violence
Anger Management
Mondays and Thursdays, Tuskegee
Call 833-239-4653
to schedule your
Anger Management Class.