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What Does God Expect of Us?

by Rev. Jacquetta on 01/30/19

Does God expect from us the same thing we expect from others?  Does God expect from us the same thing others expect from us?  Does God expect from us the same thing we expect from ourselves?

First of all, our expectations of others and what others expect of us are based on our own limited perspective.  We tend to see the world in light of who we are and what we've been through.  Consequently, we expect others to treat us the way we treat others or the way we've been told they treat people or the way they've treated us in the past.  We sometimes even expect people to treat us the way they say they'll treat us, whether they've done so in the past or not.  The same goes with the expectations others have of us.

Second, our expectations of ourselves are often very high.  We expect more from ourselves than we expect from God.  We expect to be able to meet every deadline.  We expect to solve every problem.  We expect to fix everyone's issues.  And we expect to do it right away.  We even give God some leeway.  We give God another chance when God doesn't come through immediately.  We're hard task masters over ourselves.  When we don't meet our own expectations, we begin the negative self-talk and beat ourselves up.

So what does God expect of us?  Absolutely nothing!  God has no reason to expect anything.  God knows exactly who we are and what we'll do.  God knows why we're here and why we behave the way we do.  God has no reason to expect anything.  We're a story God wrote.  If we write a story, we know exactly what's going to happen in the end.  We know every twist and turn and action and thought of each character.  God wrote our story and knows all about us, too, and knows our every twist and turn and action and thought.

So now we're asking, "But what about free will?"  We have that.  The difference between our story and God's is that we, in our limited, human capacity, write a limited story with only one way for our character to go--the way we send him or her.  God writes in all the infinite possibilities, and once we make one choice, God knows all the possible choices it leads to.  And of all the infinite choices that choice creates, God knows what we'll choose from there.  

If God didn't know everything, it would make a great suspense story.  And for those outside of us, we are a suspense mystery.  Wow, we're even a mystery to ourselves!

So do you see why we have no reason to feel we've let God down?  We can only let someone down if they have an expectation and we don't meet it.  God already knows us, loves us anyway and expects nothing of us but for us to be ourselves.  No heavy expectations.  No burdensome disappointments.  Just be the best you you can be, and God is pleased because God made you to be you.


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