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The Reason for the Season

by Rev. Jacquetta on 12/19/16

Be on the lookout for those who celebrate Christmas but don't respect Yeshua, the reason for the season.  Christmas is named after the Christ.  Some sources say in the middle ages in England, "mass" meant a religious feast day.  The Oxford Living Dictionary says the origin of "mass" is Old English mæsse, from ecclesiastical Latin missa, the dismissal prayer at the conclusion of the liturgy or public worship.

Based on these definitions, mass, as a religious feast day, may have come from the Old English dismissal prayer at the end of worship.  The connection is that at the end of worship, we go out with a song of celebration, as taught to us when the disciples were sent out after their last supper with the Christ (Matthew 26:17-30).  They sang a hymn first, which is a song of praise or celebration.  They were celebrating that the end of Yeshua's life was the beginning of their lives, but they didn't know that at the time.  

Similarly, the beginning of Yeshua's life was the end.  Whether "mass" means festival or dismissal at the end, the Mass of Christ or Christmas means we are celebrating that the Christ began His life specifically to prepare for His end and our beginning.  Let's keep that in mind as we go about our celebration.  While we're shopping and cooking and eating, let's look at our families and friends and remember the gathering of the disciples when they ate together.  They sang a hymn...let's sing together and go out and share what Yeshua left for and drink to a new life.

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