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Thank God for Closed Doors

by Rev. Jacquetta on 08/24/15

Romans 8:28


Have you heard the saying, "When God closes a door, he opens a window?"  I didn't understand, much less appreciate, that saying growing up.  Most of us don't.  When the door we've been trying to get through closes, we get disappointed.  But there may be another way to handle a closed door.

            Everything works for our benefit when we trust God to take care of us.  So, when the job we want doesn't come through, or the car we want isn't on the lot, or when the partner we want happens to be married, that closed door might be working for us rather than against us.  Far too often, we try to force a situation to fit our desires.  All that does is create confusion, of which we know God is not the author.  If God isn't the author, who is?

            We can't fight every closed door.  And we often waste precious resources and time trying to make something work that was never meant to.  In Numbers 22, Balaam's donkey resisted moving forward and presented a closed door.  Balaam struck his donkey until it finally asked him, "Have I ever done this to you before?"  That's when Balaam realized God was trying to tell him something by not allowing him to move forward.  How long does it take us to have the same realization?  



Thank You, Lord, for loving me enough to close some doors.  Open my eyes, as you did for Elisha's servant.  Help me to always see your care and protection of me.  Amen.


Suggested reading:

Numbers 22:1-35

2 Kings 6:13-18

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